Northamptonshire inventors of medical equipment for babies and OAPS create wireless wine thermometer

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Two Northamptonshire inventors that specialise in life-saving gadgets for babies and the elderly are now making wireless thermometers for bottles of wine.

Steve Parker and Simon Parslow of Daventry-based Target Holdings have invented the gadget.

They were prompted by their own research that showed three out of four wine drinkers imbibe at the wrong temperature.

Having forged a career making thermometers, including life saving gadgets for nurseries and the ‘Tom’ thermometer for safeguarding the elderly, Steve decided to apply his expertise to help transform the way the world enjoys its wine.

His thermometer accurately reads the temperature of a bottle of wine when it is inside the fridge and includes a wireless transmission between bottle clip and receiver base.

The invention was showcased at the world’s biggest gadget show, the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where it won an award.

Steve said: “The concept is simple, you wouldn’t dream of eating cold chips or stewed tea so why drink wine at the wrong temperature?

“Temperature affects the taste and improves it 100 per cent, our gadget makes that process simple and easy for everyone to use. “

Kelvin creator Steve added: “Your wine will taste twice as good and we vow to make that £10 bottle of wine taste like a £20 bottle.”