Northamptonshire farmer’s sight corrected after he ‘sliced his eye’ in hay bale accident

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A farmer who feared he had lost his sight in one eye after a farmyard accident has had his vision restored with a special contact lens.

Chris Corney, aged 35, from Finedon, suffered the horrific injury when wire banding used to secure 21 bales of hay snapped and struck him in the face, cutting open part of his left eye.

He received 12 stitches but was left only able to see blurred outlines at short distances.

Mr Corney said: “The wire coiled back and it felt like it had sliced my eye in half, it was agony.

“I managed to get it treated and after the initial wound had healed they removed my existing lens. It was like a white fog had descended, all I could see was shadows and nothing else.”

Mr Corney, who remarkably managed to shear 420 sheep with just one eye a week after the accident, is now back working full-time on the farm and is able to lead a normal life thanks to a special contact lens.

Having been treated at a number of hospitals, he was referred to Brian Tompkins of Tompkins, Knight & Son Optometrists in Kingsley Road, Northampton.

They first sourced and fitted an initial lens from Switzerland to improve matters, followed by a further one which now allows him to drive.

The lens used in the procedure was a custom-made and formed of silicone hydrogel.

Mr Tompkins said: “It’s the equivalent of a tailor-made suit. It’s completely bespoke and designed specifically for Chris’ eye.

“We took readings here in Northampton and then converted into a lens.

“I’m delighted that it has had such a positive impact on Chris and he is now able to enjoy family and working life once again.”