Northamptonshire child whose leg was amputated after infection returns home

Luke Lester's fundraising page.
Luke Lester's fundraising page.

An inspirational Kettering child who had to have a leg amputated after catching an infection returned home yesterday having been in hospital since Christmas.

Three-year-old Luke Lester had been in hospital in Leicester for more than seven weeks and had to lose one of his legs and the toes on his other foot after falling seriously ill.

He will still require regular visits to hospital, but he is now home with his parents Clare and Anthony.

An update from the Love4Luke Facebook page said: “Over seven weeks since this nightmare started and we are finally going home this afternoon.

“We’re going to be regular visitors to Leicester for a while and we’re back on Friday!

“What a different outcome this could have had though, so glad to be going home but very scary too.

“A big, big, thank you to all the staff here who have saved Luke’s life and helped get him better.

“Thank you to our friends and family too for all your support, well wishes and prayers.”

Fundraising is continuing to raise money for Luke’s family and a fundraising event is being held at Burton Park Wanderers next month.

To donate to Luke’s cause, click here.