Northampton's Eastern District fearful of parking problems if garages bulldozed for new homes

Residents are concerned over new plans by Northampton Partnership Homes to knock down council garages to build affordable housing and make room for extra parking.

Thursday, 1st November 2018, 2:51 pm
Updated Thursday, 1st November 2018, 5:00 pm
In June this year, these garages 6-17 in Pell Court, Lumbertubs, were up for consultation.

Northampton Partnership Homes has delivered more than 800 letters to homeowners in Blackthorn this week to warn them of plans to potentially knock down eight council garage sites to meet housing demand.

But despite NPH saying it will make way for additional parking, residents are still fearful extra cars owned by new residents will cause chaos as the estate is already congested.

Nether Jackson Court resident Lesley Lennox said: "There's no parking in my court. My husband has to park in the street and it's just going to get worse. My son has a car and he has to park in the next court and walk through.

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"I'm so angry because they just don't seem to consider anybody."

Stephanie Thornton of Pikemead Close agreed. She said: "There's no parking in our court whatsoever.

"This has got worse over the last few years. It's that bad people are parking over the grass verges of Pikemead Court and the school run is bad. Parents use the court to park.

"It makes you quite frustrated."

Residents have been invited to have their say on the plans before documents are submitted to the Guildhall.

The draft plans will be on show at Blackthorn nursery on Wednesday between 3pm – 7pm and will also be online next Wednesday from 3pm.

A spokeswoman for Northampton Partnership Homes said: "We’re really looking forward to meeting Blackthorn residents at our event next Wednesday (November 7).

"We’ve organised this event to share plans for the area, which include the development of garage sites and exciting developments for the area.

"The planning process is at an early stage and we want to hear from as many residents as possible to help shape plans for where they live.

"We’ve dropped over 800 invitations to the event through local letterboxes so we are hoping for a good turnout."

The letter also said that Northampton Partnership Homes plans to regenerate blocks of flats and all NBC houses, which includes new windows, communal doors and landscaping of communal outside spaces.

The location of proposed developments are:

Greatmeadow Court (Garage numbers: 1-7, 8-15, 16-21, 22-27 and 28-35)

Maidencastle (Garage numbers: 9-18, 19-22, 32-34 and 35-44)

Pikemead Court (Garage numbers: 15-20)

Croftmeadow Court (Garage numbers: 25-36)

Collmead Court (Garage numbers: 45-48)

Nether Jackson Court (Garage numbers: 57-58)

Hopmeadow Court (Garage numbers: 71-76, 77-78 and 79-80)

Paddock Mill Court (Garage numbers: 89-94)

If you live in the area and can’t attend the event residents can call the community regeneration team on 01604 837360 or email the team at [email protected]MORE FROM THE CHRONICLE & ECHO: