Northampton woman finds lost cat after issuing appeal on Tinder

A cat from Northampton got 400 matches after his owner bought a premium Tinder membership and issued an appeal to find him on the dating app.

Friday, 20th October 2017, 12:49 pm
Updated Monday, 11th December 2017, 11:45 pm
Peanut's Tinder profile has now been removed after he was found safe and well.
Peanut's Tinder profile has now been removed after he was found safe and well.

Peanut the cat went missing overnight on October 11, worrying his owner, who wants to remain anonymous.

The next morning, following reports that a different cat had been killed in Northampton town centre she found herself feeling "terrified" that Peanut had been taken too.

She said: "I couldn't eat and had to have a day off work because I was so worried. I started thinking of ways I could ask people to look for him other than Facebook and posters, then I had a brainwave and downloaded Tinder.

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"I bought a premium membership, put on a "boost" to get more attention and uploaded a missing poster with a reward and my number, plus a photo of me and the cat for sypmathy. I set my search distance to 10k away and someone called me within half an hour.

"I got 400 matches so lots of people were looking for him. Peanut was in an estate quite close by that I didn't realise existed. The guy said he just saw my Tinder profile, looked out his window, and the cat was in his garden. I was so happy he hadn't been taken by the killer."

That night she managed to catch Peanut in the estate but he ran into a road. She didn't want to pursue the cat further in case he became endangered.

Following that, every night for a week, she made trails with used litter so he could find his way home. On the final night, she added items of her clothing and warm tuna to the trail.

She said: "At 2am I heard him crying on our street and took him inside.

"He was scared and skinny. I would never have known where to search for Peanut without using Tinder, and really don't think he would have found his way home on his own. He’s never going out again."