Northampton woman endured a chipped pelvis internal bleeding and a blood clot during pregnancy... but admits it was all worth it for her twins

Twins Leo and Bella-Rae
Twins Leo and Bella-Rae

A Northampton mum, who had an internal bleed after IVF treatment, claims she is lucky to have “happy” and “smiley” twins.

Donna Leone of Wootton bled internally after her ovaries continued to try to produce eggs once they had been removed and soon became ill as the bleed could not be treated when she found out she was pregnant.

Four-month-old Bella-Rae with brother Leo dressed in their Christmas clothes

Four-month-old Bella-Rae with brother Leo dressed in their Christmas clothes

The mum-of-twins claims it was “a good two-and-a-half-to-three months” before the bleeding stopped, which made her sick every day, but admits she would definitely recommend IVF to others.

Mrs Leone told the Chronicle & Echo that by day six of the pregnancy she suffered from hyperemesis, which caused her to be sick from 7am to 11pm, non-stop for 37 weeks.

She said: “Day 10 they [the CARE Fertility clinic in, Northampton] checked to see whether I was pregnant or not because they couldn’t treat the internal bleeding if I was. It came back positive, it was just a case of ‘you’re going to be really poorly you just literally need to rest’.

“I was back in every other day at the clinic to have scans to see whether the fluid had gone down. I think it was a good two and a half three months before it had actually gone, the internal bleeding, but it just made me sick every single day and I couldn’t move. Three or four times I was admitted to hospital with dehydration, so that was not nice.

Mrs Leone then fell down the stairs at 11-weeks and chipped the right-hand side of her pelvis, which then caused it to weaken.

She adds: “Then I had quite severe pelvic girdle pain, so I ended up in a wheelchair and on crutches for that because I couldn’t walk, I put on five stone.

“I wasn’t used to carrying that much weight so my pelvis wouldn’t work and one day I tried to get up and couldn’t move, we had to call the ambulance, it was horrific. I couldn’t even stand up and my pelvis locked.

“I could only walk with crutches if we were going out, I had to be in a wheelchair because I couldn’t carry my own body weight.”

Following that, the mum-of-two, who is originally from Lincolnshire, got a blood-clot in her leg at 36-weeks because she was unable to move about due to her pelvic injury.

But her long-held dream came true on August 15, Mrs Leone gave birth to brother and sister, Leo and Bella-Rae, after a C-section, which lasted two hours.

Donna’s wife, Janelle Leone told the Chronicle & Echo that the birth was probably the best but the scariest thing she has ever done or been a part of.

She said: “I have said all along, with the babies we were so lucky, but for that moment I was there to support Donna. We saw Bella coming out, she was quite quick, then we both cried and got emotional and Donna turned looked at me and said, ‘I don’t feel well’.

“She then turned the other way round. I can only explain it as organised chaos. But it was very clear that they all know what they were doing and were very prepared if anything happened.

“In this time they got Leo out and I was sitting in front of Donna. Had they not been in my hands, I would have panicked.”

The doting mums told the Chron that they are very lucky.

“Leo and Bella-Rae are both really happy, they smile and they giggle.

“IVF worked the first time, a lot of people go through several attempts and have a lot of heartaches, but we were very lucky for it to work the first time, we would definitely recommend it to others.”

Judith Byrne, Clinic Director, CARE Fertility, Northampton said: “Christmas is such a special time and it was wonderful to meet Bella and Leo in the clinic. All the staff at CARE send our love and best wishes to the family.”