Northampton woman claims she’s been told to take own rubbish to the tip every week after she ran out of green bags

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A woman from Northampton claims she has been told to take her weekly household waste to the tip after her allocation of official green bin bags expired.

Jackie Davis, of Robert Street, The Mounts, has come to the end of her annual portion of green bags - into which certain households must present their refuse for collection - despite keeping to the two-per-week limit.

But Mrs Davis claims Northampton Borough Council has told her she cannot have any new bags until October.

Instead, she says they have suggested she takes her rubbish to the tip herself every week for the next three months.

She said: “It makes me angry because I already pay my council tax partly to have my rubbish taken from outside my door.

“So now I also have to put it in my own car and drive to the tip every week.”

Mrs Davis had been using ordinary black bin bags since she ran out of council bags in May. But she returned home on Monday to find the binmen had refused to pick them up.

It is not clear whether giving out insufficient bags is a deliberate council policy or a one-off error.

However there were homes in several streets of The Mounts with full, uncollected black bags outside this week, the day after the area’s collection day.

Mrs Davis said: “I will probably end up taking the rubbish just so it doesn’t attract rats.

“But what about disabled people or people without a car? The council can’t just allow the rubbish to pile up in the streets.”