Northampton war veteran with Alzheimer’s told he’s ‘too ill’ for care home ‘not ill enough’ for specialist nursing fund

Leonard Warfield
Leonard Warfield

A war veteran from Northampton has been left with no nursing care despite having Alzheimer’s after a disagreement between social services and care home bosses.

Leonard Warfield, aged 89, is in Northampton General Hospital bed after a fall that broke his hip.

But three weeks later and fit enough to be discharged, no care home is willing to take him on because they judge him to have special nursing needs.

Unable to pay for special care, the family approached Northamptonshire County Council so Mr Warfield could be assessed for financial aid.

However the social worker disagreed with the care home diagnosis, and has ruled no money will be awarded.

Cathy Debbag, Mr Warfield’s daughter, said: “It’s incredible to us that dad can fall between these two assessments.

“Care homes won’t take him because he’s too ill and the council won’t help because he’s not ill enough.

“How does a man who fought for his country in the Second World War end up in a position where no one can help him in his time of need?

“This wonderful man who has been an excellent father, worked and paid tax all his life but is so disrespected and uncared for by the system.”

Mrs Debagg says the extra fees are unaffordable as she is on minimum wage and her father’s savings would last about 10 weeks.

The county council said that all families have to find the extra funds themselves.

A Northamptonshire County Council spokesman said: “We work closely with our health partners to carry out a full needs assessment to determine the level of care a person requires.

“We will work closely with families to help them find an appropriate care facility and families are welcome to choose a care home setting.

“However, the council has an ‘expected to pay rate’ for residential and nursing care in the county and, if their chosen home is above the expected to pay rate, families will be expected to contribute the difference in the cost of the care.”