Northampton vets warns of the dangers of anti-freeze to animals

Anti-freeze warning to pet owners
Anti-freeze warning to pet owners

A CAMPAIGN urging anti-freeze manufacturers to add bittering agents to the toxic liquid to make it taste less appealing to pets is gaining momentum, and White Cross Vets in Northampton has joined forces with the campaign’s organiser.

The family-run group, which operates 13 practices throughout the UK, is urging people to join more than 23,500 pet lovers who have already signed an online petition.

Nishi Jani, Clinic Director at White Cross Vets in Northampton, said: “Ethylene glycol in anti-freeze is naturally sweet tasting which appeals to cats and dogs, as well as other pets and wildlife, but even tiny amounts are highly toxic and can quickly lead to kidney failure and death.

“At this time of year we always see an increase in the number of pets coming into our practices that are suffering from anti-freeze poisoning. This campaign aims to raise awareness about the dangers of anti-freeze and encourage manufacturers to mask its sweet flavour.

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