Northampton vets offer free health care for school pets during holidays

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With summer approaching, White Cross Vets in Northampton has launched a scheme to take the stress out of caring for school pets during the holidays by offering them free healthcare.

Research by the RSPCA recently found that a quarter of schools keep pets in the classroom and in a drive to increase the number of pets in schools, White Cross Vets will provide free care and medication for all school owned pets on an ongoing basis.

Michael Lander, Clinic Director at White Cross Vets which is based in the Weston Favell shopping centre, said: “School pets are a great way for children to learn first-hand about pet care. They can help to nurture an understanding of life and the responsibilities that come with owning pets and they provide a fun route into many areas of the school curriculum.

“Despite this, parents and families are often reluctant to be burdened with school pets over the holidays because of fears about what happens if the pet becomes unwell. However, we are always keen to support schools that introduce pets to pupils at an early age which is why we’ve launched this scheme.

“By providing free healthcare to school pets, parents and teachers that offer to look after pets during the holidays can do so without having to worry about the pet becoming unwell or needing medication. At the first sign that something is wrong they can call us and we will ensure the pet receives the best treatment, both in the holidays and during term-time, so they maintain a tip-top school attendance record!”