Northampton university teen with one lung has made a heart-warming film to motivate other youngsters to lead an active life

A Northampton university trampolinist with only one lung has made a film to help inspire youngsters to believe in themselves.

Friday, 21st October 2016, 2:42 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 5:01 pm
Katy Baker

19-year-old Katy Baker has a rare heart defect that affects lung development and has made a film urging other young people with health challenges to carry on leading a full and active life.

The teenager, who has produced a film with charity, Fixers is showing that having an illness doesn’t have to hold people back from doing the things they love.

Katy said: “Every year at secondary school, I dreaded when the cross-country came around.

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“I found it extremely difficult and always came in the last ten places. I didn’t do it because I had to, but because I wanted to show that I could.

“Hopefully my film, which I want showing in local gymnasiums, can inspire others to believe in themselves and never think they can’t do something.

Katy is currently studying Childhood and Youth at Northampton University, where she is also a member of the trampoline team.

The teen believes that trampolining gives her the motivation to push herself and overcome personal obstacles.

She adds: “Trampolining is not easy with my condition because I can feel breathless and dizzy, but I really enjoy it.

“It has helped me grow in confidence and realise that if in your heart, you want to achieve something, you should just go for it and not let your illness be a barrier.

“Even though I still have hospital appointments and check-ups, I feel like the sport is something for me to show that I can be like everyone else and have a go.”

Fixers work with young people aged 16-25 across the UK and help more than 19,000 people across the UK to have a voice in their community.

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