Northampton Uni reports most relaxed clearing day yet after cap on students lifted

Vice Chancellor Nick Petford on clearing day
Vice Chancellor Nick Petford on clearing day

Lecturers at the University of Northampton took well over 3,000 phone calls and accepted 850 new students... but new rules saw a remarkably laid-back A-level results day.

The Government removed caps on numbers of students each university can take for the first time this year, leading to far more getting on their first choice course.

Antony Bounds, head of admissions, said: “The usual spike in calls would be about 8am but on Thursday it was about 10am.

“Clearly the potential students weren’t up at the crack of dawn, panicking, which is great for them.”

Certain courses were full before Thursday, particularly the NHS-linked ones such as nursing and midwifery, as well as teaching.

But other lecturers were able to accept far more people, with a noticeable drop in second choice places taken up.

Mr Bounds said: “We don’t want to find 30 people in a tutorial, so there are natural limits.

“But overall more students got on a course that they chose.”

Some courses are still open so students are encouraged to check the University of Northampton website.