Northampton twins to protect flag during Trooping the Colour

Two soldiers from Northampton are to be among the first guardsmen to be given the honour of protecting the flag during this weekend's Trooping the Colour.

Tuesday, 7th June 2016, 6:26 am
Updated Tuesday, 7th June 2016, 11:17 am

Mark and Jack Bazeley​, from Kingsthorpe, are in the Coldstream Guards, and will be centre stage in this weekend’s annual ceremony in London before the Queen and millions of television viewers.

​The former Kingsthorpe College students - who turn 21 this week - ​will fulfil the role of the protectors of the flag, when it is being escorted by the colour sergeant, the focus of the entire parade.

​A spokesman for the Army said Mark and Jack had been selected because they had proved themselves capable soldiers : “It is a very unique occurrence because normally it is at least corporals, and usually lance corporals, who take up this role.

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“It will be a strange sight seeing two almost identical twin standing together protecting the flag.”

​Mark and Jack’s mum, ​Julie Bazeley​, said: “It’s absolutely amazing, they’ve done so well.

“I’m sure everyone in Kingsthorpe must know by now as I tell everyone within about three minutes of meeting them in the street.”​

Trooping the Colour takes place on Saturday at Horse Guards.

​Held every year since 1782, it harks back to days when a regiment’s flag - or colour - was paraded to soldiers before and after battle to show it was intact.