Northampton traffic warden saved baby’s life in Midsummer Meadow car park


A traffic warden has been thanked by a mother after he saved her baby’s life in a Northampton park.

The warden, who works for NSL, on behalf of Northamptonshire County Council, was in Midsummer Meadow car park, off Bedford Road, when he heard a woman screaming.

He rushed over to find her baby had stopped breathing and had started to turn blue.

The warden, who has asked not to be named, took the baby out of her pushchair, and slapped her firmly on the back until she started breathing again.

He then called an ambulance and stayed with them, reassuring the baby’s mother until medics arrived.

NSL has since received a letter from the baby’s mother thanking the warden for his help.

She wrote: “I would like to give him a medal if you have any as he saved my baby’s life.”

Peter Short, an NSL manager, said: “His quick response and professionalism helped to save a baby’s life.

“In a very difficult situation he acted calmly and stayed until the ambulance arrived, reassuring the young mum.”