Northampton Town supporters' trust welcomes club investment... but says stadium will always be 'Sixfields'

Cobblers fans will always refer to Northampton town's ground as 'Sixfields', the supporters trust says, after plans to rename it the PTS Academy Stadium were announced.

Wednesday, 30th May 2018, 10:31 am
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 6:07 pm
Northampton Town's supporters trust has welcomed the local investment in Cobblers - buts says fans will always know the stadium as Sixfields.

Yesterday club chairman Kelvin Thomas announced the 1994-built community stadium would be rebranded from Friday onwards.

The club has agreed a five-year deal with PTS Training Academy, a company based on the Moulton Park industrial estate in Northampton, though it is not yet known how much the deal is worth.

The Northampton Town Football Club Supporters' Trust has responded by saying it "accepts" the name change as part of the growing commercial pressures in football.

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However, chairman Andy Roberts said: "We believe that football supporters will always refer to the stadium as Sixfields, its geographical location.

"Indeed, mindful of the likelihood of short-term naming deals for the stadium, Sixfields will always be Sixfields."

But Mr Roberts said he understood the need to attract new investment to the Cobblers, particularly after the recent split between the club and Chinese company 5USport.

And he welcomed the fact that PTS Training Academy was based in Moulton.

"We will always be supportive of local investment in the expectation that the club will, in turn, invest strongly in its local footballing talent and its loyal supporter base," he added.

"Sixfields was built in 1994 as a community stadium, by the people of Northampton for the people of Northampton.

"The trust will always strive to ensure that the club, and its stadium, remains firmly rooted in the community it serves."