Northampton Town staff demand takeover deal is signed in ‘hours, not end the nightmare they are enduring’

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Staff at Northampton Town have issued a demand that a takeover deal is signed ‘within hours, not days’ and have revealed the personal trauma they are going through.

In a strongly-worded statement, a spokesman for the club described the “nightmare” that staff were enduring.

“As things drag on, each day gets more and more difficult both professionally and personally. Professionally, attempting to run the club on a day to day basis with a frozen bank account presents extreme challenges that get worse with each passing hour as we attempt to maintain ‘business as normal’ as best we can.

“Personally, each day the delays in completing the takeover mean another day where we have to find a way to feed our families and pay our bills, while still not knowing when this whole nightmare will be concluded.

“We now demand this matter is concluded within hours, not days. As staff we will continue to monitor the situation regularly and we are keeping our options open,” he added.

The spokesman also responded to this morning’s news that Northampton Town Supporters’ Trust would loan the club £10,000 to help pay staff.

“The staff at Northampton Town Football Club would like to say a big thank you to the Northampton Town Supporters Trust for setting up the hardship fund to help us out in these difficult times.

“All of us are touched and humbled not just by this offer, but by the meal paid for by Sixfields Travel Club and the other offers of help we have received.

“Chief Executive James Whiting has spoken to the Supporters Trust regarding the logistics of their kind offer and it is hoped to have some funds available for staff on Monday.

“We would like to close by thanking all supporters for their ongoing support and wish Chris Wilder, Alan Knill and the players, who have been magnificent through all of this, good luck at Notts County on Saturday. For now, we will continue to carry out our duties to support them in the best way possible,” the spokesman added.