Northampton Town’s potential buyers are based in London according to club chairman

Cobblers chairman David Cardoza
Cobblers chairman David Cardoza

The Indian consortium set to buy Cobblers are based in London according to the club’s chairman who batted away further requests to reveal their identity today.

David Cardoza told a press conference at Sixfields that he would not be revealing the name of the new buyers until “all the due diligence” checks had been completed.

However he did reveal that the consortium is not based overseas.

He said: “They are London based and they have been for some time.

“It is not like they are a foreign consortium sitting at some other end of the planet.

“There’s nothing to worry about.”

But though several requests to reveal the identity of he new owners - including by the Northampton Town Football Club Supporters’ Trust - have been refused, the Cobblers chairman said he was dismayed at various news reports labelling the potential new buyers of the club as a “mystery” set of businessman.

“There’s no mystery about it.

“When the due diligence is done and they are definitely buying the club then they will say who they are, what they are planning to do all the good things they are going to be doing.”

He added: “There are a lot of people who like to get involved in the buying of a club, they want to buy them because they want to see their name in the press.

“These guys are just wanting to get on with it, get it done and see it enhanced.”

He said: “I think people are nervous about the unknown quantity.”

The Northampton Town Football Club Supporters’ Trust has renewed calls to see the buyers revealed.

Andy Clarke, representing the trust, said: “People can see that there is some development interest in the stadium - but they remain to be convinced about the interest in the stadium.

“We often see good and bad in foreign takeover situations.

“We just need the new owners to reveal themselves and tell us what their aspirations are.”

However today Mr Cardoza said the football club had “massive potential” to an outside buyer.

“That potential hasn’t been tapped as well as it could have been in the past,” he said.

“Once the redevelopment is sorted out, the gates will pick up, you will go up a league or two, you will have fifteen thousand, twenty thousand on the gates.”