Northampton Town fans give ‘generally positive’ feedback in annual survey, according to club figures

Chris Wilder
Chris Wilder

Eighty-three percent of Northampton Town fans who completed the club’s annual survey said the atmosphere in Sixfields was “very good, good or average”, according to new figures.

The survey, carried out with just under 1,000 supporters in June and July, revealed the views of some of the club’s season tickets.

In a statement released on the club’s website, a spokesman said that the responses were “generally positive” but areas where the club did not score as strongly were in relation to Carr’s Bar and the koisks with fans critical of waiting times and prices.

Of the season tickets holders who responded, 72% rated the season ticket literature good or very good, while 80% rated the service offered by the ticket office staff as good or very good.

Other results included:

* 69% said the season ticket prices were fair, with only 2.5% saying they were ‘much too expensive’

* 38% of match tickets are now purchased online, with 65% of those users rating the online ticket service as good or very good, and another 31% saying it is ‘average.’ Less than 4% rate it as poor.

* 74% of respondents rated the collection of tickets experience as either very good or good, while 85% rated the car parking arrangements as average, good or very good.

* Only 4% said the availability of match programmes was poor or very poor, while more than three quarters of fans said that the half time entertainment was average, good or very good.

* 83% said the atmosphere at Sixfields was average, good or very good, while 88% rated the activities for children as either good or average. 90% of respondents rated the helpfulness of stewards as either very good, good or average, while 97% said the disabled access was average, good or very good.

* 70% said they would recommend attending Northampton Town matches, and 92% of respondents rated the content on the club’s website was average, good or very good. 99.8% said the match programme was very good, good or average.

* 82% of respondents who had attended matches via the Group Tickets scheme had rated the experience as either very good or good.

* 44% of fans said queuing times in Carr’s Bar were poor or very poor, with 60% saying the prices in there were average.

* 88% of fans said that customer service in Carr’s Bar was very good, good or average

* 80% of fans felt that the selection of beverages in Carr’s Bar was also very good, good or average.

* 19% said the service at the food kiosks was poor or very poor with another 40% rating it as average. 82% of respondents rated the kiosk queuing times as either average, poor or very poor.

* 81% of fans said that customer service in the kiosks was very good, good or average, with over 70% of fans also saying that the quality of products in the kiosks was very good, good or average.

Chief executive of Northampton, James Whiting, said: ““The survey shows we do a lot of things well, but, as its purpose, it also shows areas where we can and need to improve.

“Carr’s Bar and the refreshment kiosks are two areas, while we know that across all areas, accepting the results are positive, we can and will strive to improve.

“I would like to thank all supporters who took the time and trouble to respond. To get almost 1,000 responses gives us the assurance that these results are indicative of the feeling across the fanbase, and not skewed by a small polling group.

“The club and where applicable Centreplate will work together to look at any changes and improvements that can be made and implement those where we can. We will keep supporters updated with our progress.”