Northampton Town chairman labels Football Association’s ‘B’ team plans “an absolute shocker” and vows to fight them

David Cardoza is '100 per cent against' a 'League Three'
David Cardoza is '100 per cent against' a 'League Three'

Proposals that would see an extra division created by the Football Association for Premier League reserve teams are “an absolute shocker”, according to the Cobblers’ chairman.

David Cardoza said: “It’s an absolute shocker. Adding more teams to the structure is a terrible idea.

“I didn’t get into football, and supporters certainly didn’t either, to watch us play Stoke reserves or Southampton reserves.

“This is a worry to be honest.”

Having a so-called ‘League Three’ below the current fourth tier would certainly have taken the nervous edge off the final game of the season last Saturday, as the Cobblers would still have been playing in a professional league even had they been relegated.

But far from wanting an extra safety buffer, Mr Cardoza said he was against adding another layer that would change the traditional structure of the English game.

He said: “I’m 100 per cent against this; I’ll do anything I can to stop it from going ahead.

“Yes, we were 90 minutes from going into the conference but that’s just part and parcel of our game.

“This is a worrying time for football.”

Mr Cardoza said the only way he could see other clubs coming round to the idea would be if the FA offered financial incentives.

He added: “With the Elite Player Performance Plan [larger clubs] can now take our youngsters at set cost. This extra league would further dilute our competition.”