Northampton Town chairman “confident” Sixfields redevelopment will restart next week

Northampton Town FC chairman David Cardoza
Northampton Town FC chairman David Cardoza

Northampton Town chairman David Cardoza is confident work on redeveloping the club’s east stand at Sixfields Stadium will restart next week - and it could be completed as early as the end of March.

The stand is expected to house between 14 and 16 corporate hospitality boxes and there will be no seats with restricted views, as had been suggested in an artist’s impression of the proposed new build.

Changes to the number of seats will take the capacity of the ground above the 8,000-mark but the club are planning to expand one of the stands behind the goals to take capacity beyond 10,000.

Building work on the new stand has been suspended for the past three months due to a legal action between the club and the contractors who were placed in charge of the project.

That legal action has now almost been completely resolved, and Cardoza - in his first interview since being advised by his solicitors not to speak publicly to influence those proceedings - is confident the builders could return to the site as early as next week.

“I’m very hopeful that next week we can announce that work will restart and we can get back on track,” said Cardoza.

“That’s good news because it has been very disruptive for us as a club and very disruptive for the fans.

“It’s not definite yet but I’m very hopeful we can get it back on track next week. These things happen but because we’re a football club and more high-profile, it gets picked up on more.

“There have been one or two issues that have taken an awful lot of time and money to resolve but we’re there now and it will be great to see the builders back there and for fans to see the stand changing every Saturday.

“Because of the changes we want to make, it’s going to be about a 12-week build from when work restarts, and that will be the East Stand finished.”

Some supporters were concerned that the new stand would only moderately increase the capacity and that some of the seats would be sold with restricted views as the plans were gradually altered from what was initially proposed.

Those were concerns shared by the club, who still hope to make larger increases to the stadium capacity with the same loan funding and by managing the project themselves.

“It won’t be a lot more seats in the East Stand because we can’t fit them all in so we’ll be looking at expanding the north and/or the south stand too,” said Cardoza.

“The bar will be a bit bigger than it was and there will be more boxes, we’re looking at 14 to 16 boxes, which is more than we scheduled.

“Costs have increased but we can still do what we want to do, and we want to finish off the work in the west stand and get the new seats in as well.

“That will all get done and as of next week we hope it’s all going to be back on track.”