Northampton tops league tables of places most likely to have your mobile phone stolen

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Northampton has topped a list of UK towns and cities where people are most likely to get their mobile phones stolen.

The town came in third place in a league table compiled by an insurance company, which produced the information based on nearly 35,000 insurance claims across the country. London topped the table in the first place and Leeds in second. Milton Keynes came seventh, Leicester was in 11th place and Birmingham was in 20th position.

The safest place in the UK, according to the report, was Dudley. The most absent-minded mobile owners were in Bradford where three in ten claims were for losing their phone.

Stephen Ebbett, director of Protect Your Bubble which compiled the report, said: “Gadget owners can never be too cautious. Everyday we cart around hundreds, or even thousands of pounds worth of high-tech gear, such as smartphones, tablets, cameras and e-readers. This makes many of us prime targets for thieves. Should you be unlucky enough to fall victim to mobile theft, specialist gadget insurance will cover you by replacing your stolen handset.

“The good news is that we’re seeing mobile thefts drop. So far, 9% of mobile claims we’ve received in 2014 have been for theft, compared to 11% for the same period last year. But that doesn’t mean smartphone users should be any less vigilant. People can reduce their risk of being targeted by keeping their mobiles out of sight in public. Carry them in a pocket or bag with a zip, rather than your trouser pocket, or in your hand.

“Mobile users can safeguard both their data and finances by blocking their phones with their airtime provider as quickly as possible after a theft - so they don’t end up paying through the nose for unauthorised calls. Good gadget insurance will also cover the cost of unauthorised calls.”