Northampton teenager rescues drowning boy in Becket’s Park canal

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A mother has thanked the teenager who waded into a canal in Northampton to rescue her son who had fallen in.

Emma Young, 17, from Grange Park in Northampton climbed into the canal in Becket’s Park after she heard a splash whilst out with her friends around 5pm on Tuesday.

She said: “We heard people shouting and ran over and we just saw a little boy’s head bobbing up and down out of the water.

“There was a ladder on my side of the canal so I climbed down, about knee-deep, and my friend held my hand while I reached out to grab him.

“We pulled him out and wrapped a jumper around him to keep him warm while someone called an ambulance and his mother.”

The boy was 12-year-old Cameron Wills from Pen Court who had been cycling through the park when his shoelace got caught in his bike pedal, causing him to swerve into the canal.

His mother, Laura, said: “I was at home when I got a call about it and ran straight over in my pyjamas.

“I was panicking too much at the time to show my appreciation but I managed to get her number from the ambulance so I could thank her for saving my son’s life.

“There aren’t many teenagers who would do what she did, while adults stood by and did nothing, and I think she is an absolute sweetheart.”

Miss Young, who is currently studying for A levels in psychology and sociology at Northampton College on Booth Lane, said: “I didn’t really think about it at the time - I could see that he was scared and he clearly couldn’t swim so I just wanted to get him out.”

But her mother, Susan, expressed how proud she was of her daughter. She added: “I picked her up from the park about 6 and she was soaking wet with her tights ripped and her trainers in her hand - I had no idea what had happened.”