Northampton taxi driver thanked by mother for getting daughter home after she was left stranded

GV of Bounds Taxis, 9-11 Bradshaw Street, Northampton. ENGNNL00120130821164633
GV of Bounds Taxis, 9-11 Bradshaw Street, Northampton. ENGNNL00120130821164633

A taxi driver in Northampton has received a £50 reward from his employers after he helped two young women get home after they were left stranded.

Bev Halsey contacted the Chronicle & Echo to try to track down the Bounds driver who helped her daughter and her friend after they did not have enough money to get home.

Ms Halsey said her 18-year-old daughter was out in town with two friends and had saved enough money through the evening for their taxi home.

During the evening they bumped into a teenage boy they knew with his friend and they asked if they could come in their taxi too, to split the cost.

The pair told the driver to go to Kingsthorpe and assured the women they had the money for the diversion.

But, when they arrived, the boys got out of the taxi and left, leaving the two women stranded with no extra money to pay to get home to Moulton.

Ms Halsey said the driver was an “absolute star” as he brought the two women home despite the fact they had no money.

She said: “As a mother, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to him.”

In recognition of his actions, Bounds has given him £50 off the rent of his taxi this week.

Phil Bayliss, Bounds driver manager, said: “We are proud of this driver’s actions and he should be applauded.

“This driver’s actions should be an example to all the other drivers about what they should do in a similar situation.”