Northampton supermarket creates love calculator to help shoppers buy right Valentine's gifts

Morrisons has launched a love calculator to help shoppers buy the right gift for their other half
Morrisons has launched a love calculator to help shoppers buy the right gift for their other half

A Northampton supermarket is helping hopeless romantics decide what to buy their loved one for Valentine's Day with the aid of its 'love calculator'.

Morrisons has worked with relationship expert Sam Owen to create the calculator after more than a third of people said Valentine's is the most difficult buying occasion in a survey.

Of the 1,000 British adults surveyed by FlyResearch, 23 per cent said they had bought the wrong gift in the past.

Mark Winters, store manager at Morrisons Northampton, said: “Choosing the right gift for Valentine’s Day can be difficult and we want to take the stress out of the occasion by helping our shoppers find the perfectly-judged gift. The love calculator aims to make our customers’ lives just that little bit easier.”

The love calculator has over 40 decision-tree questions covering relationship status, current romance levels and partner personality traits in order to help guide people to the right gift.

For example, a first time Valentine who wants to show their funny side is directed to heart-shaped crumpets whilst a married couple who have lived together for a few years are guided towards oysters to get them in the mood for romance.

Certified relationship coach, psychologist, blogger, vlogger, published author of Resilient Me and love calculator creator Sam Owen said: “Whatever stage of your relationship, Valentine’s Day is always a tricky buying occasion with people often only a purchase away from romantic perfection or disaster.

"I hope the calculator can help all the hopeless romantics channel their thoughts and make the right gift decisions, so this Valentine’s Day is a lovely one for all involved.”

The Morrisons love Calculator will be given away for free from February 11-14 and is available to try online here.