Northampton student’s new drone venture is a UK first

Richard Gill.
Richard Gill.

The UK’s first commercial hub for drone operators is being launched by a Northampton masters student.

Richard Gill, 34, who has worked in the Army, completed his Masters of Business Administration this year at the University of Northampton via distance learning and set up his new venture, Ocuair Ltd, with a former colleague and with the support of Dr Mills Hills from Northampton Business School.

He said: “Drones are becoming more common in the skies across the UK - indeed, there isn’t a property or Countryfile television show that doesn’t have a number of clips captured from a drone.”

Richard said that the drone service produces ultra-high resolution aerial maps of a far superior quality to very best commercially available aerial maps.

He added: “We had heard complaints from building surveyors and other aerial map users about the quality and accuracy of the current commercially available aerial mapping products, so we set out to see how we could find a solution. That’s how we came up with Aerial Map Market.

“If you need a map you simply log into your account and draw the area you want mapping. We check for any safety issues and agree a set fee, and one of our growing team of certified and accredited operators will complete the mapping process and deliver the results in days.”