Northampton strip club has sexual entertainment license renewed for another year

Urban Tiger in Abington Square. ENGNNL00120120615175317
Urban Tiger in Abington Square. ENGNNL00120120615175317

A Northampton strip club has had its sexual entertainment licence renewed, despite objections that it contributed to high statistics of sexual violence in the town.

A total of 19 objections against the renewal at Urban Tiger, in Wellingborough Road, were considered by Northampton Borough Council’s licensing committee, including complaints that it was in an inappropriate location - both near a school uniform shop and a church - and that it encouraged sexual offences towards women.

Labour councillor Danielle Stone said: “Places like that normalise the commodification of women and the sale of women’s bodies for the gratification of men. They discharge men in a state of arousal into the town.

“I walk past Urban Tiger every day and it offends me, and Northampton Borough Council have a duty of care and responsibility to protect Northampton women.”

But the venue’s sexual entertainment licence was renewed on the grounds that it had made no significant changes and had received no formal complaints in the last year. The committee also assured objectors that it was not visible from the church and that its opening times did not overlap with those of the school uniform shop.

Julia Palmer, representing Urban Tiger, said: “The location has been declared suitable and there is no evidence to suggest that it has a detrimental impace on the community.”

Managing director, Karim Ayoubi, added: “I want to create the sort of environment where women come to work for us because they want to and feel safe here. As a business owner I naturally want my establishment to be the sort of place that attracts the bigger spenders and I am well aware that we do have to undergo a close review every year.”