Northampton street brawl stabbing leaves man with punctured lung, court hears

Jordan Brown stabbed his victim twice in a fight in the streets.
Jordan Brown stabbed his victim twice in a fight in the streets.

A 23-year-old man has been jailed for stabbing a man in a melee outside a Northampton late pub.

Jodan Brown, of Alcombe Road, town centre, was sentenced in Northampton Crown Court yesterday (September 28) after earlier pleading guilty to wounding with intent and threatening with a blade.

In an early-morning brawl outside the Bantam Cock pub, in Wellingborough Road, Brown stabbed his victim twice and punctured his lung.

His Honour Judge Roger Tregilgas-Davey said: "It is clear from the places you stabbed him that there was an intent to cause more harm than you did."

CCTV played in court showed how at around 5.40am in April a fight broke out in the streets outside the Bantam Cock in Wellingborough Road.

As the fight began, Brown was pushed to the floor by a man in a long coat. But within seconds, Brown was on his feet and ran back into the scuffle.

Judge Tregilgas-Davey said: "It is clear [the victim] was trying to defend himself. It was a push you received because you were part of a group that surrounded him and were threatening him.

"That really should have been the end of it. But at some point, you were given a knife and you stabbed that man."

Brown targeted the man in the long coat and stabbed his victim twice, once in the back and once in the chest.

The victim was later taken to hospital with a punctured lung. He had to have his lung drained of blood and received stitches.

Judge Tregilgas-Davey said: "It's by sheer chance there has been no long-term damage.

"There was a risk you took when you used that knife that he would not stand back up again."

Brown, who has previous convictions for assault and armed robbery, was jailed for six years.