Northampton singer to release debut single after beating the odds to win his mental health battle

Crazy is released on August 21
Crazy is released on August 21

A 26-year-old from Northampton man will release his debut single inspired by his battle with ill mental health.

Luke White's experience of becoming anorexic in year nine led him to write the song Crazy last year.

Each line of the song is a reminder of his disorder and tells the story of how he was feeling while in his "very dark place".

"Things got really bad for me in school as I was always known as the fat child, and this spiralled into anorexia in year nine," said Luke.

"I became obsessed with eating the bare minimum and over exercising. I was so wrapped up in how I looked and created benchmarks of what was perfect, from shows such as Love Island."

He added: "It tells the story of myself when I was in a very dark place.

"It is written as the story of a relationship gone wrong because I was living my life based on what my disorder wanted."

With the support of family and friends, Luke gradually became more comfortable in his own skin and started to write lyrics about the demons he had overcome.

After writing his first song, he set about looking for someone to produce it but following months of knocking on producers’ doors, Luke took the step of self-funding the project and used an online recording studio to create the music.

"Producing a single was nothing compared to the struggle I had gone through," said Luke.

"I had my mind set on releasing this track, so that was what I was going to do."

Now, the 26-year-old is focusing on raising awareness of young people's mental wellbeing.

"I hope that through this track others who are in my situation can start to see a way through," said Luke.

"I also want young people to see what hard work and passion can achieve.

"If you told me last year that in 12 months I would be releasing my first single, I would never have believed it."

Laura Phelan, an eating disorder expert, said: "Thankfully we are seeing more and more artists such as Luke and Demi Lovato, for example, speaking up about their experiences of recovery and using it as a way to inspire and help others who may be going through similar issues.

"Music is a way for someone to escape what’s going on in their head, or at the very least find some solace in lyrics that they can relate to.

"It has a powerful way to not only tell a story but it can also mean something different to each individual.

"Many of my clients use it as a way to stay calm, get out of their own head and find a safe space to express how they feel," she added.

Luke is now embarking on a promotional tour of the UK, starting in Northampton.

Crazy is set to be released today (August 21).