Northampton schoolgirl wins award for bravery after nursing her dad who had seizure

Headteacher of Abington Vale Primary School with Catia Forskitt
Headteacher of Abington Vale Primary School with Catia Forskitt

A six-year-old pupil tended to her dad while he had an epileptic fit at their home in Northampton.

Catia Forskitt of Eastfield followed an emergency plan and put a pillow under her dad's head before calling for help.

Sisters, Libby, Catia and Emma

Sisters, Libby, Catia and Emma

The pupil has now been presented with an award for bravery by the headteacher of Abington Vale Primary School to reward the pupil for her quick-thinking.

Headteacher, Laura Cichuta of Abington Vale Primary School said: “We were so proud of Catia and how she acted we wanted to celebrate her quick thinking to help her dad so we dedicated our values assembly to her bravery.

“She was presented with a special Head Teacher's Award.

“I also wanted to talk to the school about young carers as Emma,10, and Libbie ,11, are young carers for their dad. They are the most amazing children that help their dad and do not realise what a life changing job they do.”

Catia’s dad, Scott Forskitt, was diagnosed with epilepsy at 29-years-old.

As a matter of caution he has since invited epilepsy nurses into the family home to teach his three daughters about his condition in a case of an emergency.

He said: “She did a remarkable job, I was out for about 15-20 minutes. You don’t expect a six-year-old to act the way she did.

“She stepped up to the mark to do the job. She put a pillow under my head and made me comfortable. Catia is awesome."

Catia said: "I rang my uncle dan and my auntie rang me. She said I 'was really brave' and uncle Dan came round.

“I said to uncle Dan to be really careful because I couldn’t move dad and he was by the door.

“I put a pillow under dad's head because that’s what the doctor told us to do that came to see us two years ago. I rang mummy so she could come home.”