Northampton salon workers take time off work to hunt for Rupert the Chihuahua

A salon owner and 12 of his staff from Northampton are today searching for his dog which was picked up and taken away by a stranger.

Daniel Granger, of Daniel Granger Hairdressing in Abington Street, is praying that his short coat, fawn and black, miniature Chihuahua is returned safely after he was picked up and taken from outside his salon by a man.

Daniel Granger and his staff are longing for Rupert's safe return.

Daniel Granger and his staff are longing for Rupert's safe return.

The incident happened last night (Thursday, January 3) at about 7.25pm when two salon staff were clocking off and two-year-old Rupert escaped out of the front door behind them.

UPDATE: Year's worth of free hairdressing for the girls who found Rupert the Chihuahua

CCTV footage from the salon shows a man pick up Rupert and walk off with him in the direction of BBC Radio Northampton.

Daniel said: "When two girls left they made a noise and Rupert followed them and went outside. He slipped through the tiniest crack of the door.

"He is literally the size of your hand."

Today (January 4) Mr Granger is getting 2,000 leaflets printed and has shut the salon for this morning so 12 of his team can search for the dog.

"He has been in my salon every day for about a year now," Daniel added.

"He has never left the shop, he is such a little thing. He trembles when someone goes near him.

"He will be terrified. He is the smallest dog in the world, he is terrified of his own shadow."

Daniel and his partner helped to rear Rupert from a puppy after his birth mother rejected him.