Northampton salon owner Daniel to star in new TV makeover show

Daniel Granger is set to star in E4's Body Fixers - which starts on Tuesday, September 13, at 9pm.
Daniel Granger is set to star in E4's Body Fixers - which starts on Tuesday, September 13, at 9pm.

An award-winning Northampton salon owner is set for a starring role on the small screen once again - rectifying hair disasters in a new television makeover show.

Daniel Granger, whose self-titled Abington Street business won the Chronicle and Echo’s Salon of the year, is to feature in E4’s Body Fixers - made by the same team to produce the successful Tattoo Fixers.

The show sees people with extreme hair and beauty “fails” or serious style confidence issues, have their problems fixed by a team of top professionals.

Mr Granger, who also appeared on television as a contestant of the Great British Hairdresser in 2011, said the show could be a big hit.

He said; “It has got lots of elements to it - there is a bit of embarrassing bodies, a bit of Snog, Marry Avoid, a bit of Tattoo Fixers.

“And the characters we got on the show were just brilliant. One person even went on to appear on the X-Factor.”

Mr Granger was approached to audition for the show by producers earlier in the year and filmed for 70 days between April and June.

Though he says Body Fixers has its funny moments, the ethos of it is not about poking fun at people’s misfortunes, but about helping people to feel confident again.

Mr Granger said: “People came in with things they didn’t like about themselves, and asked us to fix it.

“Others had some real DIY disasters, like bleaching their hair to within an inch of its life.

“Some of the people have been through a really traumatic time and need a specialist to help them feel better.”

In the show, Daniel is flanked by a team of beauticians and stylists, who work to give their clients a dream makeover.

Episode one is set to air on Tuesday, September 13, and will feature a woman in need of help after a treatment melted her hair and a transsexual needing assistance in rediscovering how to look like a man.