Northampton Saints fan will never tyre of this scene

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A bodyworks firm in Northamptonshire has marked the Aviva Premiership victory by The Saints with a graphics wrap showing their moment of Twickenham triumph.

Kurt Hobbs, of Kurt Hobbs Coachworks in Great Addington, is a season ticket holder and both watched the final on May 31 and followed the Saints in Europe in the last year.

Although normally used to wrapping HGVs, such as those used by Knights of Old, he decided to celebrate the epic game and achievement using the firm’s own expertise.

Mr Hobbs said: “It can be as temporary or permanent as you like. We were planning on taking the Aston Martin to the first couple of home games of next season. If it’s popular, then who knows after that.”

The technique is achieved by taking a photograph and graphics and digitally putting the image onto a sheet of vinyl.

Being extremely thin, the vinyl keeps to the contours of the luxury sports car, giving a spectacular effect.

And if the owner ever tires of the image, the firm simply reheats the vinyl then peels it off.

Mr Hobbs said: “The advantage over traditional techniques, especially for commercial vehicles, is that any gravel chips or minor damage to the vinyl completely disappears when you peel it off.

“When the lease of vehicle is over, you can return it almost as good as new.”