Northampton’s mysterious clown - “I don’t knock on people’s doors and it’s not me in the YouTube video”

The Northampton Clown.
The Northampton Clown.

Northampton’s Clown has distanced himself from police reports of clowns knocking on doors in the town...and also says it is not him in a YouTube video on clowns.

Writing on his Facebook page, the clown said: “So glad there’s a picture from last night. I didn’t wear my clown shoes as they’ve got holes in them from all the drains i’ve been climbing into...

Submitted picture

Submitted picture

“I was in Abington yesterday before it rained but there seems to be no pictures so I weren’t spotted.

“I’m also “not” apart of Dr Fright’s Night for those interested but it seems to be promoting them and others which is great.

“I “haven’t” been knocking on houses and asking to paint window sills.”

The clown also denied being in a Youtube film, showing a similar looking clown at locations in Northampton.

He said: “I may have to change my appearance as the actor in that ‘Local Clown’ film has the same costume as me.

“If what i am doing does get too much for people, I will have to stop.”

The latest photo of the clown in front of the Cobblers’ Last was posted on its Facebook page at about 11pm last night.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said today they had received three calls over the weekend related to people being dressed as clowns.

Thousands of people have been following the story on Twitter, using the hashtag #northamptonclown since the sightings began.

The hashtag was trending on Twitter on Sunday as more and more people tweeted about the clown.

Comedian Alan Carr, one of Northampton’s famous sons, got involved at one point, expressing his incredulation about the story. The official X Factor account also commented to its 3,900,000 followers: “We’ll be honest... we’re actually watching the repeat for any signs of the #northamptonclown. *shivers*”. Northampton Saints skipper Dylan Hartley commented: “Only in Northampton” before posting a picture of his team-mate Paul Diggin with the tweet: “WARNING: managed to crop and enlarge the clown’s face”.

Chron sports editor Jeremy Casey pitched in with: “Shouldn’t the #northamptonclown be the ‘Northampton Cleyn’? #northamptoncleyn”

The clown’s Facebook page now has more than 22,400 likes as people gave differing views on his actions.

Earler on Sunday, the clown posted: “Too much hate not enough love . No, i don’t have a knife on me!, that’s just stupid rumours spread by stupid people. I’m also ‘not’ on twitter as it confuses the heck out of me. However, i might go for a jog around that pond in Abington park later as i’m really unfit... See you around! Beep Beep!”

He also posted: “To prove i’m real to all the lovers and doubters, i’ll see you in town today. Keep those eyes peeled”.

The phenonemon started on Friday when the Chron first reported on two teenagers acting suspiciously dressed as clowns. It quickly spread as social media users reported seeing another clown appearing at random locations across the town.

So far the clown has been seen on St Michael’s Road and Cedar Road. Social media users have also started to create their own images of Northampton’s clown and others have given their theory on why the clown is appearing.