Northampton roads reopen to drivers following damage caused by Greyfriars bus station blowdown

Lady's Lane following demolition of Greyfriars Bus Station
Lady's Lane following demolition of Greyfriars Bus Station

Lady’s Lane and Greyfriars in Northampton town centre have reopened today after being damaged during the Greyfriars bus station demolition.

Tumbling debris from the 20,000-tonne building caused some minor damage to the surface of the road in Lady’s Lane and a “larger depression” to the road in Greyfriars.

A Northamptonshire County Council spokesman said: “We believe that the space underneath Greyfriars may have been a former drain that has opened up, but both roads are being patched up now.”

The former bus station was demolished in six seconds on Sunday morning in a “blowdown”.

Surrounding roads were blocked and closed following the demolition, with council workers helping drivers to navigate around the area yesterday.

All the surrounding roads were reopened this morning with Northampton Borough Council apologising for any delays.