Northampton residents still waiting for new GP surgery, 16 months after planning permission granted

An artist's impression of the Moulton Medical Centre
An artist's impression of the Moulton Medical Centre

A doctor's surgery in Northampton that was described as urgently needed has not begun construction 16 months after the go-ahead was given.

Marsh Spinney Medical Centre in Moulton was given the go ahead in July 2017 to be built off Sandy Hill Lane. along with 84 new houses

So important was the medical centre to Moulton that its construction - by the NHS - was made a condition of the new estate being approved. Moulton Parish Council commented at the time that "the present doctor's surgery is oversubscribed and getting appointments is extremely difficult".

Yet with work well advanced on the first dozen homes at Marsh Spinney estate, nothing has been heard of the medical centre since.

Oliver Roper of Roundhill Northampton, whose company transferred the land from developers Balfour Beatty to the parish council - along with a £500,000 contribution towards the construction bill - said he has grown frustrated with the lack of information.

He said: "It's now time to start asking questions about why the surgery is not being delivered.

"Requests for information from Moulton Parish Council, who are now the landlords, have been dismissed. We want to understand as a matter of courtesy.

"We have told the community there will be a surgery there. We have a moral obligation to follow it through and find out what is going on."

Residents of a Moulton have every right to expect at least signs of a new surgery.

In its application, developers Balfour Beatty declared that the surgery "was given substantial weight in justifying the residential development" and went on to say that works could start in late 2017 or early 2018

A spokesman for NHS Nene said it has asked the existing Moulton Practice to produce a business case for the new building.

He said: "Once received, this will be presented to the Nene CCG Primary Care Co-commissioning Joint Committee for its detailed approval.”

Nobody at Moulton Parish Council was available for comment.