Northampton resident fed up with shoppers parking in his street starts petition for permit scheme

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A Northampton resident who is fed up of commuters and shoppers parking in his street is to launch a petition.

Tony Powell, who lives in Talbot Road, near the town centre, is calling on Northamptonshire County Council to introduce a permit scheme to make it easier for him and his neighbours to park outside their own homes.

Mr Powell, a retired prison officer, said: “Parking in my street can be an absolute nightmare sometimes.

“Commuters park their cars on the road for the duration of the working day.

“It can be even worse at the weekends as shoppers regularly park here, presumably to avoid having to pay parking charges in the town centre’s more than adequate car parks.

“Last weekend I was going to go out in my car but I changed my mind because I was afraid I wouldn’t find anywhere to park when I came home. Sometimes you have to park in another road.

“The parking problems have left me feeling tired and frustrated and it is now my intention to start a petition with other residents to ask the county council to make the road permit holders only.”

There are currently no parking restrictions in Talbot Road, which is made up of terraced houses that do not have off-road parking.

Mr Powell added: “Parking here is a free for all and I am sure residents of many roads in central Northampton have similar issues.

“I don’t think double yellow lines will solve the problem. My granddaughter lives nearby in Alcombe Road and a residents parking scheme there has made a massive difference.”

A spokesperson for Northamptonshire County Council said: “Our budget and resources for the current financial year are already committed to a number of new schemes and projects.

“We will consider introducing new residents’ parking schemes in cases where over 50 per cent of local residents are in support of the scheme and there is evidence to demonstrate support for such a scheme. Therefore, we would advise people to contact their local residents association or community group to gather local views.”