Northampton resident creates own ‘illegal’ parking bays outside block of flats in Duston

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A rogue painter who created new bays in a Northampton street to solve a parking problem says he is unrepentant despite highways bosses declaring them illegal.

People living in Porlock Close, in Duston, alerted Northamptonshire County Council’s highways team after spotting someone painting in six new bays in the cul de sac.

Yellow hatched lines also appeared at the corner of an access road on the street.

It has since emerged that Richard Jones, a resident who also runs the firm that owns the lease on some flats in Porlock Close, was responsible for painting the lines.

But, despite acknowledging his marks were illegal and that it is a public road his company does not control,

he maintains he had them painted for the good of all residents. He said: “It has all come about because of inconsiderate parking in the street which is overcrowded with cars. People were parking along the end of the cul de sac nose- to-tail.

“All I was doing was encouraging people to park side by side, meaning you can fit more cars in.”

Mr Jones said the yellow markings were put in because a disabled resident was having trouble accessing their house when other people parked outside. He insists all the paint is semi-permanent, but it has not rained enough for it to be washed away.

Mr Jones says he is in the process of making the lines compliant retrospectively so they can be painted in properly.

County Hall said it was taking the matter seriously. A spokeswoman said: “We’ve been made aware, following an anonymous report, that illegal road markings have been painted in Porlock Close, Northampton. It’s illegal to paint your own lines on the public highway. Any costs incurred for removal will be pursued with the offender to ensure the cost is not passed on to the taxpayer.

“If residents have concerns about parking in their local area, we would encourage them to contact us to discuss how we can help.”