Northampton rector criticises council following plans to strip church of parking permits

Father Oliver Coss joined All Saints Church back in September 2016.
Father Oliver Coss joined All Saints Church back in September 2016.

Northamptonshire County Council has come under fire after the rector of All Saints Church has said the authority might remove their six parking permits.

In a string of tweets published on Wednesday (August, 2) by Father Oliver Coss claims that Northamptonshire County Council were in discussion over whether to remove six George Row parking permits, belonging to parishioners.

He said: [The] church has permits for parking in bays on George Row. Trouble is there were two illegally parked cars in the bay, making it impossible for me to get my car in there.

"[I] was interrupted in the middle of midday Eucharist by staff telling me I was being ticketed.

"Why I was being ticketed before then will forever confuse me."

But the council has said there is ample free parking in the town centre, both on street and public car parks for members of staff and parishioners.

He added: "I got cross because I was told this morning (Wednesday) that the county council are discussing whether to remove our George Row permits because I have "misused" them by repeatedly coming to church."

Back in March this year, Father Oliver Coss called Northamptonshire County Council ticket officers "mean-hearted" after they slapped fines on church-goers windscreens during a morning service.

Three motorists received Penalty Charge Notices while parked on the portico of All Saints Church.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: "Parking permits are granted specifically for use when people are carrying out functions at the church on a short term basis, such as carrying things in and out.

"They were not intended to give members of the church special parking privileges."