Northampton pyrotechnic team rockets to success

A pyrotechnic display by Gala Fireworks
A pyrotechnic display by Gala Fireworks

A fireworks display company has been invited to join one of the UK’s most select firework competitions that will light up the skies with more than 10 tonnes of effects.

Danny Edwards, of Northampton town centre, discovered his passion for pyrotechnics during a training course and he established Gala Fireworks.

After only two years in business, they won the Belvoir Castle’s Firework Championships 2013, prompting the 
invitation to Southport’s 
British Musical Fireworks Championship, in October this year.

The three-night competition will see each of the seven teams present an 18-minute extravaganza, choreographed to music, to 10,000 spectators and a judging panel.

Mr Edwards said: “Preparation is already underway as it will take six weeks solid to design and I can’t take time off from my everyday job.

“You have to plan the timing of each effect perfectly and programme them to go off at the touch of a laptop button.”

The 36-year-old owner of Boston nightclub, in Northampton, said: “It’s hard work but a lot of fun.

“To actually prepare all the material takes about 100 hours, and then 12 hours and my full crew of 20 ‘firers’ on the day before the show.”

But all that work does not come cheap. Danny said: “It’s not about profit as we are given a budget of £6,000 but will probably spend more. It’s all about the prestige and that, if we win, we will get invited to compete in the world championships.”

Danny added he was thinking about something based on movies for his show theme.