Northampton pub’s licence to be reviewed after police raid uncovers evidence of drugs supply

HQ pub in Great Russell Street, Northampton
HQ pub in Great Russell Street, Northampton

A Northampton pub could have its licence suspended after a police raid found alleged evidence of drugs supply at the premises.

A total of 25 officers carried out a drugs warrant at the HQ pub in Great Russell Street on Saturday night and three people were arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply class A and B drugs.

One of these individuals was also arrested for obstructing the drugs search. A quantity of cash was also seized that was believed to be the proceeds of drugs supply.

Two people were given cannabis warnings and three cautions were issued for possession of amphetamines and cannabis.

Northamptonshire Police has now called for a licence review of the pub, which will be held tomorrow (Wednesday).

A statement written by Constable David Bryan claims that “credible intelligence” suggests the drug supply is linked to event nights held at the pub.

Mr Bryan said: “In addition to the crime matters which are ongoing investigations at this time, a breach of the Premises Licence was also discovered as a Personal Licence Holder was not present on duty at the premises.

“Further investigation of all evidence gathered on the night is now being reviewed, including any potential involvement of the Designated Premises Supervisor in the criminal matters and any neglect on the part of the Premises Licence Holders to ensure there is a proper control on the management of the premises.”

Mr Bryan is calling on Northampton Borough Council’s Licensing Sub-committee to suspend the premises licence while criminal investigations are carried out.

He said it was “unlikely that the premises will be managed safely and effectively in a manner that is likely to prevent crime or disorder without this.”