Northampton protestors hand out free books to the homeless

A box of books donated for Books With Benefits
A box of books donated for Books With Benefits

Two community groups in Northampton will be giving out free books in the town centre as part of a positive protest against social injustice.

In a “random act of kindness”, Community Court Yard and Left Unity Northampton will be giving out books to homeless people and people on benefits on Abington Street from 3pm on Wednesday, May 14.

Following a social media appeal, the groups have collected over 800 books for their Books With Benefits event and will be donating any leftover to schools and charities at the end of the day.

The event comes as part of the the groups’ campaign for positive social change by “putting people first.”

Community Court Yard founder, Bianca Todd, said: “Local politicians only focus on the political and business side of things that need doing and in Northampton we have no representation for working class people themselves.

“It’s all very well protesting about the business impact of de-pedestrianising Abington Street, but what about the actual people on the street?

Commenting on Books With Benefits event, she added: “Education is the way out of poverty, and so we want to carry out a random act of kindness and reconnect people who are unemployed, on benefits or who are homeless with the joys of reading”.

Stephen Miller of Left Unity Northampton said: “Reading empowers people to reconnect with issues that are important to them, whilst allowing imagination and creativity to seep in, thus enhancing positive mental health and raising self esteem.”