Northampton power plant campaigners cake sale is a declaration of intent

Campaigners fighting a power plant plan in Northampton say a fundraising 'bake off' this weekend is more than a bit of fun aimed at the developer - it's a sign they are digging in for the long run.

Wednesday, 15th June 2016, 6:30 am
The No Monster Incinerator in Northampton group on the steps of the Guildhall.

Last week the No Monster Incinerator in Northampton (NMIN) group celebrated on the steps of the Guildhall when the borough council deferred granting Rolton Kilbride a two year option to build a gasification plant in St James.

But at the time the group founder and Green Party member Tony Clarke, said the victory marked only a battle won in a lengthy war.

This weekend NMIN will hold a bake off in St James to raise money for its cause - having spent around £1,000 leafleting, making T-shirts and banners already.

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The baking theme comes from the fact Rolton Kilbride’s proposed waste-to-energy facility would “bake” waste to turn it into energy.

Mr Clarke said: “As well as the serious campaigning we do like to have a little bit of fun.

“But this is also to raise funds. Individuals have spent so much of their own money to fight this.

“It is a residents’ campaign but they are taking on companies that can easily access those sorts of funds.”

Rolton Kilbride says around 2,000 homes and a number of businesses near the plant will benefit from cheaper energy.

It also says the county council would save around £8 million a year in landfill tax by sending its non-recyclable waste to the gasification plant.

But it has so far failed to convince St James residents the facility would not emit harmful toxins.

The scale of the building, with an 80 metre high chimney stack, and the lorry movements in and out of the site remain a major concern.

Mr Clarke said the fact the group is fundraising is a sign they are now digging in for a lengthy campaign.

He said: “We will fight this planning application, we will fight them on the emissions front, we will fight them on the operational side of things. We will be watching them every step of the way.”

The bake off will take place between 11am and 4pm at St James Community Centre on Saturday. For more information, head to