Northampton pet shop killing still haunts detective

The detective who led the hunt for the Wellingborough Road pet shop killer in 1993 has revealed how the unsolved murder still haunts him 20 years on.

Bob Thorogood, who was then a detective superintendent, met detectives before Christmas as part of a fresh review of the unsolved murder of Arthur Brumhill.

Mr Brumhill was found battered to death in the basement of a pet shop in Northampton in January 1993.

Evidence taken from the time is now being re-examined as part of a new review of the murder.

Speaking to the Chronicle & Echo, Mr Thorogood, aged 68, said: “I think about the case often. In quiet times I will sit there and think it through and think about whether we missed something, whether there was a trick we missed or if there was someone we didn’t interview.

“You think about those things quite often.

“It is very frustrating. Very, very frustrating, in fact.

“It is the only case I have been involved with that remained undetected.”

He said the case was particularly frustrating as he knew Mr Brumhill, who had worked in admin at Northamptonshire Police. Mr Thorogood has been asked back to help other reviews of the case.

Asked if he felt a break-through was likely, he added: “It is distinctly possible.

“I am not going to say it is for definite or even probable, but things have changed dramatically. Twenty years ago we weren’t able to use DNA, for example. I desperately hope we can solve it.

“Whoever was responsible for the crime should know the case will never go away.”