Northampton Partnership Homes to take over management of 12,000 council homes across town

GV Guildhall - Town centre'060616JC11'news
GV Guildhall - Town centre'060616JC11'news

Northampton Borough Council has announced the name of the new management organisation which will take over its entire housing stock.

Yesterday (Monday) Northampton Borough Council (NBC) announced the name of the new Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) as Northampton Partnership Homes.

Northampton Partnership Homes will be responsible for the management of over 12,000 council homes from January 15.

According to NBC this will be a new start for tenants, delivering a financially sustainable way to update the council’s housing stock and provide residents with decent homes and improvements in service.

The new name was selected by Borough Councillors, tenants and employees in the council’s housing team. In the next few months will become a familiar name with tenants as more information is sent to tenants to explain what is happening and what the changes will mean to them.

Councillor Mary Markham, Northampton Borough Council’s cabinet member for housing, said: “I am delighted to see that things are really moving and the ALMO is really starting to take shape with tenant involvement at every stage.

“This is about improving the quality of services in Northampton. We want our tenants to receive a high standard of service from their landlord and that they will have better homes in the future, and Northampton Partnership Homes will deliver this.”

Under the ALMO, the housing stock will still be owned by the council and tenants will remain as council tenants, with all their current rights protected. Northampton Partnership Homes will focus solely on managing and improving these homes while the council will still be responsible for the wider, strategic issues