Northampton park’s makeover with bots, shoes and bug houses

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No Caption ABCDE NNL-180628-101412001

Volunteers at a Northampton park have shown they aren’t a bunch of skivers with their new footwear-based planters forming the heart and sole of their greenspace.

Buddies of Beckets, the park group that looks after Beckets Park, have filled boots and shoes have been filled with plants and flowers and placed around the park.

In addition, members of the group constructed a giant bug house.

Nick Stephens, a volunteer from Buddies, said: “Taking inspiration from the St Giles Terrace Northampton in Bloom group, who put shoe plants on display, we have placed shoes and boots in the park and filled them with succulents and other plants.

“It’s a fun, cheap way to bring some interest to the park using he boots and shoes donated by the public, and they look great.

The footwear has been fixed to railings on Victoria Promenade, by the playground and dotted around the park including an eye-catching pair of golden Ugg boots.”

Luisa Jepson, park coordinator, added: The bug house is to attract different bugs, insects and butterflies.

“We plan to plant wild flowers around it.

“The bug house for beetles and insects has many floors and will be named ‘Beckets Bug B&B’ very soon.”