Northampton park included in stretch of land that could be built on for housing

A Northampton park off near a residential neighbourhood has been included in a stretch of land that could be developed for housing.

Thursday, 5th April 2018, 7:19 am
Updated Thursday, 5th April 2018, 7:21 am
Ladybridge Park has been included in a patch of land that could be used for redevelopment. But it is known if the park will be built on.

Some 140 acres off Ladybridge Drive, West Hunsbury, could be used to build up to 220 homes as part of a borough council scheme.

However, the land marked by the council includes all of nearby Ladybridge Park.

It is not clear if this could mean Ladybridge Park could be subject to development.

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This 130-acre area of land has been proposed for developing houses.

It comes as part of the borough council's efforts to build 20,000 extra homes by 2029 to meet population growth - and is currently falling around 3,000 short of that figure.

To combat this, the council's "local plan phase two" was announced last year and listed over 70 spare patches of land across the town that could be developed for housing and shops.

It includes a 140-acre stretch of fields and land off Ladybridge Drive. But the early plan also encompasses Ladybridge Park.

Ladybridge Park is the current home of local team Welland Valley Football Club.

Ladybridge Park.

Meanwhile, building firm Travis Perkins own 25 acres of the proposed land - known as Milton Ham - and commented they would be "a willing seller" for residential development.

But Anglian Water said there would be "major constraints" to supplying any development in the area.

A separate 22-acre area west of the nearby Counties Crematorium is also being considered.

The proposals were part of a consultation that closed in November last year. The borough council will open a second consultation when they have drafted a plan for any sites they hope to use for housing.

This 130-acre area of land has been proposed for developing houses.
Ladybridge Park.