Northampton pair stole car and motorbike from separate homes ‘planned operation’

Crown Court GV'
Crown Court GV'
  • Vine broke into a home while a mother and daughter were in and stole car keys
  • Judge Timothy Smith described the burglary as being committed “without any thought to the victims”
  • He then picked up Munroe and the pair stole a valuable motorbike from another address

Two Northampton men have been jailed after a double burglary that saw them steal a car and a motorbike from two homes in the town on the same night.

Gavin Munroe, of Lindsay Avenue in Abington, and Stephen Vine, of Barnwell Road in Kingsthorpe, each received a prison sentence of more than two years for what the judge described as a “planned operation” that was “committed without any thought to the victims.”

The woman and her young daughter continued to be in fear for themselves some time afterwards and were unable to sleep

Judge Timothy Smith

During a sentencing hearing at Northampton Crown Court yesterday, Judge Timothy Smith summarised evidence showing that 21-year-old Vine first broke into an address in Beech Avenue in Abington overnight on April 2 last year, while a mother and daughter were at home, and stole car keys.

Judge Smith said: “You stole keys and used them to take a car, which was then used in a further burglary. This was committed without any thought to the victims. The woman and her young daughter continued to be in fear for themselves some time afterwards and were unable to sleep.”

The court heard how Vine then drove the car to meet with Munroe. aged 29, and the pair went to an address in St Matthews Parade in Kingsley, where they stole a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle from a garage.

Judge Smith said: “On the way there you recruited Munroe and it is suspected that you targetted the address for that motorcycle, which was of prestige and value. You then speedily got rid of it with intent to pocket the proceeds, had you not been aprehended in doing so. All this indicates a planned operation.”

Vine was sentenced to two years and nine months in prison for the theft of the car and two years for the motorbike, to be served concurrently. after he was found guilty by a jury of both counts of burglary. Judge Smith said that the starting point for the offence would have been three years, but it was reduced because of Vine’s young age.

Munroe was given a sentence of two years and eight months for the motorbike theft with a further 14 weeks for taking without consent, also to be served concurrently, as well as a three-year driving ban. He was found not guilty of the burglary at Beech Avenue and pleaded guilty at the last possible opportunity to the motorbike theft.