Northampton Olympian braves triplets birth despite huge risks

Jaime Moore, husband Steve Halsey and daughter Flo. Picture by Venture Photography - Sarah Powell.  NNL-150113-173455001
Jaime Moore, husband Steve Halsey and daughter Flo. Picture by Venture Photography - Sarah Powell. NNL-150113-173455001

A former Olympic trampolinist from Northampton who is pregnant with triplets is determined to give birth to all three of her babies despite being advised to terminate two of them due to ‘massive risks’.

Jaime Halsey, from Beech Avenue, in Abington, was shocked when she found out she was pregnant with not only the one baby she was expecting, but twins as well.

Jaime Moore and Steve Halsey NNL-150113-173445001

Jaime Moore and Steve Halsey NNL-150113-173445001

But even though doctors advised terminating the twins because they could cause health risks to her and each other, Jaime said she “wasn’t prepared” to do that.

Married to former London Welsh and Bedford Blues rugby player Steve Halsey, the 35-year-old, who is mother to two-year-old daughter Florence, said: “We had our first scan in Northampton at 12 weeks and were immediately refered to specialists at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

“They told us one of the twins is 25 per cent smaller than the other and there’s a massive risk of further growth restrictions. I also risk putting my body under three times the strain to keep them healthy, so they advised the termination.

“But other people have triplets and I wasn’t prepared to abort two healthy babies just to make life easier,” she said.

The couple began trying for a second child last spring after Flo kept asking for a sister, she said.

Mrs Halsey is now 26 weeks into her ‘high risk’ pregnancy but will have to deliver the babies – all believed to be girls – by caesarian and they will have to stay in incubators before they can be taken home.

Commenting on any difficulties so far, she said: “I am as big now as I was at full-term with Flo. But the hardest thing is avoiding making plans for when they are born. We have checks almost weekly as things keep changing.

“If this was my first pregnancy I would be terrified, but seeing how ace Flo is makes me confident we can do this.

“I have joined a Facebook group for parents in Northampton with triplets, which has been invaluable.

“Now the panic has gone, we can be excited about our big family and noisy house.”

Born and raised in St James, where her parents ran a furniture shop, Jaime began trampolining when she was 10 and became an international youth champion by 13. When trampolining first became an Olympic sport in 1998, Jaime, whose maiden name is Moore, was the first female to represent Team GB and competed in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. After some time out recovering from injuries, she earned the team their place in the Beijing Games in 2008 and acted as a member of the British Olympic Athlete Commission during planning for London 2012.

Jaime and Steve met as teenagers before marrying in 2009. Steve is now a PE teacher and is involved in Northampton Saints youth rugby teams, while Jaime coaches trampolining and has started a cake-making business from home.