Northampton nightclub forced to close after three people stabbed in mass brawl involving knives and machetes

A large group of people armed with knives and machetes were involved in a fight outside the Academy nightclub in Northampton
A large group of people armed with knives and machetes were involved in a fight outside the Academy nightclub in Northampton

A nightclub in Northampton has been forced to shut down for at least 28 days after three people were stabbed outside the venue during a large fight involving knives and machetes.

Northamptonshire Police made a application to suspend the Premises Licence of The Academy in College Street after more than 30 officers struggled to deal with a brawl in the early hours of Saturday.

A licensing hearing at the Guildhall heard that two large groups of people started fighting after an estimated 300 people left the nightclub at 3.10am.

One man who was found in Gold Street suffered a stab wound to his head and another man found in St Katherine’s Street suffered a stab wound to his back. Another man also suffered a stab wound.

A report read by PC Chris Stevens states the first officers on the scene found the situation “unmanageable” as they were getting “mobbed” every time they tried to deal with an incident.

At 4.45am, more than 30 police officers were called out to the town centre after a series of reports from the area near to The Academy that there was a group of men with batons and machetes.

Police arrested two people at the scene, one of whom was in possession of a knife. The three people stabbed have received medical treatment however the injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

Mr Stevens said detectives are reviewing CCTV as part of the investigation and are considering charges under the Public Order Act, potentially as people involved in a riot. They are also considering wounding with intent or even attempted murder.

The licensing hearing heard there had been a previous review on March 31 this year after another crime and disorder incident.

PC Stevens said officers also had to deal with disturbances outside The Academy in May and August.

It was also revealed that The Academy did not have a designated premise licence holder as the company that held this position was dissolved in March and no application for a transfer of the licence had been made.

The Academy had also breached its licence conditions by failing to inform police within 14 days of the event held on Saturday.

A representative for The Academy said the event had been attended mainly by a group of people from London.

The spokesman said the club had been closed at 3am due to concerns about a fight starting in the club.

The licensing panel unanimously agreed to suspend The Academy’s licence. Another hearing to review the premise licence will be held no earlier than 28 days time.