Northampton newsagent has licence suspended and alcohol sale reduced after continuing to sell alcohol to drunk customers

The Kabin, Sheep Street, Northampton
The Kabin, Sheep Street, Northampton

A Northampton newsagent has had its licence suspended and its sale of alcohol heavily restricted after selling alcohol to a drunk person one week after being fined for the same offence.

Peethamparam Ramanathasan, owner of The Kabin, in Sheep Street in the town centre, was told he would have his alcohol licence suspended for one month.

The application for yesterday’s review at the Guildhall, submitted by Northamptonshire Police, stated that on October 4, “another drunk sale took place on the premises.”

It then says that officers then arrested a shopworker at the Kabin on October 8 on suspicion of selling alcohol to an intoxicated man.

Councillors yesterday said “short space of time between the last review hearing and the incident complained of” had persauded them to impose sanctions.

As well as the one-month ban, the panel ruled that Ramanathasan would also no longer be allowed to stock or sell wines or spirits in quantities less than 700ml, less than four beer or cider cans at a time, or any beer, lager, cider or wine with a strength of six per cent ABV or above.

He was also told to make sure he has full identity details of employees readily available at all times.

A summary from the council outlined all the reasons for the decision, including: “to ensure the safe running and management of the shop, to protect the reputation of the town and its inhabitants, and to promote the licensing objectives.”

Previously, Mr Ramanathasan was fined and banned from selling alcohol at The Kabin before 10am during a similar licensing review on September 26 last year, following CCTV footage which showed staff selling a bottle of Frosty Jack’s cider to a visibly drunk man before 7.30am.

The licensing sub-committee were also scheduled yesterday to review an application by the business to handover the premises to another candidate, who police had deemed unsuitable due to previous disorder offences.

However, this meeting was cancelled following the council’s decision to revoke The Kabin’s licence for one month rather than the maximum of three.